Make music as your job.

Directly connected to the industry at the school's original debut event "Super Audition"!

Major Introduction

Live practice using numerous famous live houses in Osaka is offered in regular classes!
Equipped with the world's top level latest equipment!

Vocal Course

You will learn the basics for singing, such as vocalization, tongue, breathing, and training to expand the range. By finding your own music and mastering the creative skills of writing songs, you will grow into a vocalist who survives the industry.

Performance&Guitar Course

Starting with the basics of chord work, we will improve the cooperation that allows you to immediately have a session with any member with an ensemble (band performance). In addition, you will acquire original music creation and sound arrangements to increase your chances of spreading your music to the world.

Performance, Bass Creator course

We develop the sound and rhythmic feeling necessary for bassists from the basics, and develop the ability to lead members in songs of all genres and tempos. In addition, since it is a part that often plays a role as a producer, we will also improve originality and creativity.

Performance, Drum Creator course

You will learn from the basics such as correct stick grip and foam, develop a sense of rhythm, and acquire techniques that can make various arrangements. You will also learn the know-how to lead the band sound, keeping an eye on your activities.

Sound Creator course

Learn the DTM software "Pro Tools" and "Logic Pro" required for music composition on your computer, and acquire the skills to create original music. You will also learn voice editing and arrangements, and learn techniques for directing music to yourself.

Features and points of the department


Voice training

Learn the latest vocalization theory, grasp the whole body as an instrument, and learn how to deal with it.



It is a class to improve the band sound with students of other musical instrument majors and courses. You can acquire the comprehensive power of music.



Understand the mechanism of "sound" necessary for sound creators. We measure frequency understanding through recording.


Self produce

Experience the flow of music activities that lead to commercial success. We will practice from CD/jacket production to event planning and public relations activities.

Prospective occupation

  • Artist
  • Solo singer
  • Band player
  • Back chorus
  • Tour musician
  • Studio musician
  • Support musician
  • Stage exclusive musician
  • Lesson pro
  • Composer
  • Lyricist
  • Arranger
  • creator
  • Roadie & Tech
  • Performer
  • DJ
  • PA (acoustic)
  • Recording engineer
  • Live house staff

Employment results

  • 「Initial`L」ドラム
  • 「D.W.ニコルズ」ドラム
  • 「ラパンテット」ベース
  • 「アカシアオルケスタ」キーボード
  • 246 LiveHouse GABU
  • 島村楽器
  • 保育士