"Like" creates the future

Your "likes" make everyone happy.
To express. To create. Hit all the energy you have. It is transmitted to those who see and hear it, gives vibration to the heart, and evokes emotions.
It is really "like" that catches people's heart.
VAO will do its best to back you up for the industry.

Facilities introduction

Real equipment which is reproduced by professional ensures you to be a professional!

Current student, Graduated student

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Time schedule


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デジタルフォト実習 デジタルフォト概論Ⅱ 現代写真研究Ⅱ ビジュアルコミュニケーション論 選択英会話
ファインプリント実習 制作技術 就職ガイダンス
特別講座 専攻セミナー


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