Your performance will move the heart of an audience. Your personality makes people smile.

In addition to acting and entertainment fields,
the performing arts department provides the necessary actions for movies, dramas and stage.
You can learn a wide range of knowledge and advanced skills such as acrobatics and stunt from famous industry instructors.
You will not only learn acting taught in the curriculum but also performances such as sword battles,
classical Japanese dances, MC, narration and action,
we intend to teach you to cultivate creativity, expression and performance skills
and to be able to work actively in the entertainment industry of the next generation.

Major Introduction

Actor/Talent Course

In this course, we will teach you to be a multi-talented performer who can perform in variety shows such as talks, MC, and reports. You will learn the basics of vocalization and pronunciation, and improve your level in practical classes utilizing academic collaboration, for production of variety programs and radio programs. You will also acquire singing and acting skills to expand your future career.

Features and points of the department


Broadcasting Acting Practice (Drama/Movie)

You can use the equipment from the studio to improve your acting skills in the same environment as a professional. You will also be sometimes cast in films produced by the broadcasting department.


Media Stage Performance (Contemporary Drama, 2.5 Dimensions)

You will learn the basics of performing under professional guidance, such as breathing and vocalization for acting, and practicing acting with the full use of five senses."



You can learn how to host the event or facilitate the event. from the basics of how to speak and use the language appropriately.



You can learn how to narrate on TV shows and events from the basics how to speak and use words appropriately.



You will learn and improve your acrobatics from the foundation to applications so that you can do the acrobatics required by the action site.


Suit Actor

You will learn skills such as actions and posing so that you can accurately perform the action required for the actors on site of special shooting.

Prospective occupation

  • Stage Actor and Actress
  • Entertainer
  • Film Actor and Actress
  • Musical Actor and Actresses
  • MC
  • Reporter
  • Actor
  • Action Actors and Actresses

Employment results

  • 劇団 風の子
  • (株)アスタリスク
  • (株)ティアレ
  • (株)ミューズエンタープライズ
  • (株)プロダクション・エース
  • (株)テアトルアカデミー
  • (株)ガジェットリンク
  • 宝映テレビプロダクション