There is nothing that cannot be expressed in illustrations.

Illustrations, which have been used as a means of helping people communicate,
are now widely deployed in various media outlets.
In the illustration department, we train expressionists with curiosity that can adapt to the eras.

Major Introduction

Ps/Ai/Id is a compulsory subject for all major subjects,
and by adding a special app for each major,
the illustrator is trained to expand the stage of expressions.

Illustration Major

Learn about both digital and analog textures, presentation effects, and screen composition.

Media Illustration Major

Develop an illustrator with both sensitivity and skills.

Digital Illustration Major

Learn from the basics of Blender in addition to Illustrator and Photoshop. Learn how to make 3D illustrations.

Game Illustration Major

Acquire the skills of 2DCG graphic artists that are keys to game qualities. You will learn a wide range of subjects from character creation to designing the world view.

Character Illustration Major

We develop the product planning skills by learning about how to materialize the imagination and 3D modeling skills.

Picture Book Creation Major

Recognizing the power of expressions, writing, and elements (page structures) of picture books. Learn how to communicate with illustrations and letters.

Features and points of the department


Learn from the teachers working in the front line!

The instructors who draw pictures from various genres support each student. There is a curriculum that you can learn from scratch even if you still can't draw well.


Aim to work for various industries with the love of favorite pictures!

You will learn both analog and digital skills to become professionals from scratch, providing an original curriculum that can be used in the world of diverse illustrations.


Industry collaboration!

You will learn illustration work from professionals in the industry, including social media production training, card game character production, and seminars from seasonal illustrators.


Message book exhibition!

For breathing a life into the illustration, instead of drawing a single illustration, we're going to bind the original book! A lot of companies also come to the event, and students show their art works directly!

Prospective occupation

  • Illustrator
  • Art Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • SNS Game Illustrator
  • Comic Illustrator
  • Illustrator
  • Picture-book Writer
  • Cartoonist
  • Advertising Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • CG Graphic Designer

Employment results

  • 東映アニメーション株式会社
  • 株式会社サンライズ
  • 株式会社マッドハウス
  • 株式会社ぴえろ
  • 株式会社小学館集英社プロダクション
  • 株式会社 A-1 Pictures
  • 株式会社オー・エル・エム
  • 株式会社XEBEC
  • 有限会社シャフト
  • 株式会社ボンズ
  • ユーフォーテーブル有限会社
  • 株式会社エイケン
  • 株式会社ぎゃろっぷ
  • 株式会社旭プロダクション
  • 株式会社アニメ・インターナショナルカンパニー
  • 株式会社エイトビット
  • 株式会社ゴンゾ
  • 株式会社サテライト
  • 株式会社ジェー・シー・スタッフ
  • 株式会社十文字
  • 株式会社スタジオディーン
  • 有限会社スタジオMAO
  • 有限会社ゼクシズ
  • 株式会社セブン・アークス
  • T2Studio
  • 株式会社動画工房
  • 株式会社トムス・エンタテインメント
  • 日本アニメーション株式会社
  • 株式会社はだしぷろ
  • 株式会社プロダクション・アイジー
  • 株式会社マッドボックス
  • 株式会社オーバードライブ
  • 株式会社ツインズ
  • 株式会社エイタロウソフト
  • 株式会社サクセス
  • 株式会社ミニアニ
  • 株式会社バンク・オブ・イノベーション
  • 株式会社池村商会
  • 株式会社ディバージョン
  • 株式会社Aiming
  • 株式会社ランドック・スタジオ
  • …他多数