Acquire practical skills at state-of-the-art educational facilities and equipment

The design school, TDG introduces the latest equipment and systems that are the same as the professional production environment and ensures that each of the items is available at all times.
In addition, you can learn practical and high-level skills by conducting practical training at facilities such as special classrooms tailored to each subject or major.

Motion Capture System ‘MVN’

Introduce the motion capture system ‘MVN’ with inertial sensor type; a large-scale setup and a special operator are not required, and easy for students to set up and it expands the expressions for 3DCG animation.

Makeup Salon

It’s the same salon-style classroom as the actual makeup site.You can learn from makeup skills to customer services based on the assumption that you are dealing with actual customers.

Sewing Room

It’s a classroom where you can make clothes using sewing machines that suit a variety of designs and uses.

Printing studio ‘InQ’

This is the studio where “type printing” is introduced, where you can experience the most interesting aspects of original graphic design, such as type printing and silk screen printing.


View interior magazines and books surrounded by fashionable furniture and miscellaneous items. It serves as a relaxing place for interior design students.

Comic Reading Room

It has manga magazines of all genres from boys’ comics to girls’ comics. While making manga for a debut, this is a communication space for manga students to take a break from class.

Digital Manga Lab

Completely equipped with the latest LCD tablets for the web manga industry. You can learn the art of drawing that is unique to digital comics.


This is a lighting studio used in the department of interior design. In the shop design and interior coordinate classes, we actually create a “model room”.


Introduced an inertial sensor type motion capture “MVN”.
Students can easily set up without the need for large-scale settings and dedicated operators. 3DCG animation expression expands further.