General Game Department | Game Illustration Major

吉 優錫 (ギル ウソク)

From Republic of Korea.

Q1)What was impressive during your school life?

The training program for freshman and illustration contest were impressive.

Q2)What did you study?

I have learned about dessin, CG Illustration, Background Illustration by and large. Studying Dessin helps to improve the basic skills, studying Illustration and Background Illustration are helpful to find what I need to study more or what kind of skills will be required in the real field.

Q3)Were there any classes or events that you liked?

I think going to the training workshop for the USJ and Illustration contest was very great. In the case of a freshman training trip, it became an opportunity to make friends who I didn't know for the first time, and in the case of an illustration contest, I think it was good to use both time and energy to complete a few works and present them in front of people.

Introduction of works

Work by 吉 優錫①

Work by 吉 優錫②