The curriculum specialized for proceeding to university and graduate school

From the basics to the advanced use, you will have solid support for your entrance to Japanese university

Major Introduction

This course is designed to acquire communication skills, starting from the foundation of the Japanese language.
You will steadily improve the level of your Japanese by taking measures for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (EJU) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N2-N1).

Comprehensive Japanese Course

Extensive support for your progress from the elementary to the advanced level

Features and points of the department


EJU and JLPT Preparation

One month before the date of the exam, there is an intensive period for preparing EJU and JLPT; we will conduct thorough mock tests. You will also learn how to write essays and research plans for the exam. Besides, we will also introduce you to special private classes when necessary.


Career Support System & Individual Counseling

We manage the schedule until your next step is decided, providing guidance tailored to each student and conduct one-to-one counseling. Take the advantage of past examples to practice interviews. In addition, information about the choice of your next school can be provided at any time.