Learn how to find a job in Japan through a practical curriculum

In order to find a job at a Japanese company, of its international office, you will acquire the necessary ability to operate and communicate in Japanese. In the intermediate level and higher, self-promotion, corporate research, and interview measures are taken in part of the curriculum. It also incorporates general knowledge, Japanese affairs and culture. The followings are requirement:
・Persons who graduated from a four-year college in their home country (work visa requirements)
・A person fluent in Japanese. For example, if you want to complete this course in one year, you will need to have the N3 level at the time of enrollment.

Major Introduction

Job hunting and working in Japan tend to be thought difficult for international students because of cultural differences.
During this period, students will acquire the necessary knowledge of how to work and find employment in Japanese society, and create your documents as part of preparation.
The beginning of job hunting varies from a company to a company, so we have classes for your preparation starting early.

Business Japanese Course

Support your employment in Japan from a variety of angles

Features and points of the department


Participate in the job fair held by Adachi Education Group.

Participate in 'Gyokai EXPO' sponsored by Adachi Education Group, and learn about the industries and how to apply for companies, and then use it for your job hunting.


The curriculum tailored for diverse employment opportunities

You will learn about Japanese business rules, manners and customs so that you can work effectively in Japanese society. In addition, instructors will thoroughly support you until you have learned the skills that can be demonstrated to potential employers.


Support your job hunting through partnerships

We actively provide information about companies that is difficult for you to find through in-school job fairs and schedules of external corporate seminars with partner companies.