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Adachi Education Group Tokyo Adachi Japanese Language school is a long-established Japanese language school founded in the time of increased needs of 1986. In addition to learning Japanese, it is important to have a curriculum that understands the rules of Japanese culture and society, which is essential for the future course of study at a vocational school, university, and employment at a Japanese company.
The school has promoted Japanese language acquisition and education to enhance the experience of Japanese culture and society. Today, the number of international students who want to study in Japan and also who want to work in Japan are increasing. To meet these needs, the school has become a member of Adachi Education Group, one of the Japan's largest vocational school groups. While studying Japanese, you will be able to learn the area of interest in work as part of the curriculum. You will be exposed to the Japanese language and your favorite field of vocational studies, and learn knowledge and skills at the Adachi Education Group's vocational school, thus you will likely find a job in Japan. There is a way to find the path, because you have passions for the future. There is a future that will come closer as you take a step forward. To realize a dream, take a leap forward!

Facilities introduction

Let's learn in the heart of Tokyo!
Ichigaya and Iidabashi are locations of the school, easily accessible areas in Tokyo; 10-15 minutes by train to Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku Station which bring much liveliness. Of course, it is easily accessible to the city-center and suburb areas of Tokyo. There are many universities and offices around the school, and there are also many famous restaurants.

Nationality ratio of current students

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Time schedule


  • 基本授業
  • 経営・ITビジネス日本語
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総合日本語(会話・文法) 総合日本語(語彙) 総合日本語(読解) 総合日本語(聴解) 総合日本語(JLPT対策)
ビジネス日本語 ビジネス日本語 最近のニュース 仕事で使う便利な日本語表現 特別授業(就活マナー)

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