You can learn both analog and digital technologies for drawing!

You can learn various genres of illustrations, including handwritten illustrations and digital illustrations using the latest software. That's ODC's Department of Illustration!

Major Introduction

ODC has the atmosphere to inspire creativity and the environment to be dedicated to creation.

Illustration Course

As a writer, you will learn the knowledge required for creative activities and techniques for improving your work. Students will be separated into analog and digital courses.

Artist Course

No matter what media or method you use, you will produce a work of great artistic value.

Character Illustration Course

Besides the art of drawing characters and animals, you will also learn about the development of goods.

Picture Book Course

From design basics to picture bookmaking techniques, you will improve the skills and taste required for picture book writers.

Features and points of the department


Exclusive studios open after school and between classes!

Comfortable classrooms and extracurricular activities with critical software in a dedicated, inspiring floor.


You can learn both analog and digital illustration techniques!

No matter which course you choose, you’ll always learn the digital skills you need to find an job in the industry.You can engage well, even if you are new to digital.


Collaborative classes with art companies that realize the debut of students!

Companies such as ViViViT, Vision Track, and FM802 support professional art activities participate in the student works screening committee and you can also collaborate with companies and government agencies for tasks.

Prospective occupation

  • Illustrator
  • Character Designer
  • Painter
  • Picture Book Writer
  • Portrait Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer etc.