Debut from school!

Instructors to support your debut! A number of great programs are waiting you!

Major Introduction

You can experience creative events such as Kansai Comitia and art exhibitions in galleries!

Comic Illustration Course

We are engaged in creative activities centering on analog painting materials such as copics and watercolors. Develop your promotional skills as a writer.

Digital Illustration Course

Using digital tools such as CLIP STUDIO, we will improve your production techniques to express your unique world view.

Digital Artist Course

You will to learn about goods design and self-promotion as a writer on the premise of the event, and aim to become an illustrator in the digital age.

Features and points of the department


A meeting for feedback by Industry professionals held on campus!

Writers and editors from the illustration industry will come to the school to give advice on how to work and make a debut.


Attend an illustration competition and polish your skills!

Schools fully cooperate for competitions and competitions, which will be a step toward a debut of students, and the results will be a point of appeal and a big kick in professionalism.


Participate in creative events! Make yourself!

As part of the class, you will be exhibiting at Kansai Commitia and Melmery Market. Not only you draw illustrations, but you can also learn to sell your work.


The work environment which supports your production!

Completely equipped with a 13-inch LCD pen tablet that can be used for everything from class to task. In addition, there are many comic books available in the library, including popular boy comics, maniac youth comics and Showa classic works. There are even art books, photo books, pose books, and character setting books!

Prospective occupation

  • Illustrator
  • Character Designer
  • Portrait Artist
  • Game Graphic etc.

Employment results

  • (株)DWEゲームス
  • (株)GOOFEES
  • (株)アド・プラン
  • (株)アンシャントマン
  • イートレックジャパン(株)
  • (有)エレメント
  • (株)オルガンソフトカリカチュアジャパン
  • (株)ケイカンパニー
  • (株)コンコース
  • (株)ジョイントメディア
  • (株)ソフパル
  • (株)テクロス
  • (株)デジタルハーツ
  • (株)トーセ
  • (株)トスプランニング
  • (株)バズ
  • (株)ボンアミー
  • (株)マインドフリー
  • (株)ライデンフィルム 他