Facilities given credit by industry professionals

The environment of the school is very important for a student's growth in two years.
Here is what you need for it.

Powers Gallery

This is the place where the works are displayed on the first floor of our school. You can open it to the public as well as to students, and appeal the results of your planning exhibitions and assignments.

Digital Illustration Studio

It is a dedicated studio equipped with the latest liquid crystal pen tablet which is widely used in digital illustration production.

Digital Signage

Exhibit your work in the digital signage, replicating the nation’s top gaming company!


With the theme of “Exit from Classroom”, this training studio has special space and functions as a design office.


A dedicated studio for graphic design with many Macs and a variety of software. The atmosphere of the classroom, like a design office, makes you feel even more excited.


It is a stylish classroom designed and coordinated with natural materials. It has both Mac and Windows for the use.


A dedicated workshop for acquiring leather and metal processing skills and making accessories.

Fashion Studio

We have plenty of equipment and materials, such that you can learn about fashion design holistically from planning to production.

Interior CAD Room

Learn 3D CAD software Vectorworks, which is essential for interior designers and coordinators, it enhances your visual capacity.

CG Room

It is an environment dedicated to the department where you can create the work while enjoying it, including modeling samples.