Turn your passion into the job

Prestigious school of design with the 58 years of history.
It is a vocational school with its tradition and numerous achievements as a design technical school.
We will continue to develop human resources to support the industry of the next generation by continuing the founding philosophy of 'the school that nurtures designers rather than teaching design'.


You can dedicate your passions here.
That's your special talent.
Let's enhance your passions for your future career with like-minded friends at ODG.

Facilities introduction

There is a professional-class facility environment for each student.
The 'environment' of the school is very important for your growth in two years.
OCD has a necessary environment for your growth.

Current student, Graduated student

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Time schedule


  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
室內空間基礎Ⅰ   製圖Ⅰ CAD製圖Ⅰ 空間設計史
空見設計概論Ⅰ 透視描法Ⅰ     設計基礎
教室開放 JOB連結 教室開放



  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
  【選擇科目】3D・CAD   【選則科目】JOB風格 空間設計概論Ⅱ
  作家作品論 色彩搭配基礎Ⅰ
數位工作Ⅰ WORK SHOP CAD設計Ⅰ   【專業科目】室內設計


Tution fee