I want to be active in the business industry! I want to get certifications!

You can learn the basics of business strategy, finance, organizational leadership, business marketing, and IT, and problem solving capacity. In addition, you will hone the ability to imagine new wisdom without being caught by environment, and the qualities of leaders who move around and change.

Major Introduction

Cultivate human resources who can play an active part in the world industry!

Business marketing course

Mechanism for customers which leads to purchase = learning about research, product development, distribution/sales, human resource management, etc. centered on marketing. By actually planning events and products, you will learn the presentation to management and take practical classes.

Business management major

You will learn how to manage and operate the "people", "things", "money", and "information" necessary for corporate management. By learning the basics of business strategy, finance, organizational leadership, and IT, you will hone your ability to solve the problems as a leader who motivates other people.

Office business major

Students will comprehensively learn about communication, as well as PC technology, office processing, and bookkeeping accounting required in the real office. While discovering a new self, we aim to be an attractive office work that everyone in the office can rely on!

IT business major

In a practical lesson, you will step up and learn while studying the theory. Through practical training, students will acquire the skills required to play an active role in the IT industry, such as programming, the ability to produce results with a team and communication skills, which are necessary for working in the IT field.

Trade and Management Business Major (for international students)

1.AO admission allows you to receive pre-admission education support even while attending a Japanese language school 2. You can make friends immediately after entering a social gathering where many international students participate. 3. If you don't understand what you learned in the Japanese class, your teacher will give a supplementary class after school.

Features and points of the department


Marketing/sales strategy/sales/computer skills/business etiquette planning ability

Learn from a practical curriculum and acquire skills! Acquire the power to be a professional office workers.


Not a problem even if you haven't decided which industry you want to aim for!

After entering the school, find what you want to do and find a job in your favorite industry! Knowing a wide range of business industries and expanding your potential is immediately evaluated by companies!


The support for getting qualifications is prepared

We firmly support the preparation of all qualification tests related to business!

Prospective occupation

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Store managers
  • Office staff
  • business consultant
  • Trading company sales
  • Franchise development
  • Trade affairs
  • Real estate/finance
  • Foreign-affiliated company work
  • supervisor

Employment results

  • イオンリテール(株)
  • ネッツトヨタ新大阪(株)
  • トヨタカローラ南海(株)
  • 尾上繊維(株)
  • はるやま商事(株)
  • 青山商事(株)
  • (株)日本ロジコム
  • (株)ビックカメラ
  • (株)私の部屋リビング
  • (株)アイル
  • 穴吹興産(株)
  • (株)ロココ
  • 日本PCサービス(株)
  • マザウェイズ(株)
  • (株)成都不動産
  • 新居合同税理士事務所
  • (株)関薬
  • 一般社団法人 近畿建設協会
  • 医療法人社団 山翔会 
  • さくら眼科
  • 社会医療法人 行岡医学研究会 行岡病院
  • ヤンマーアグリジャパン(株)
  • (株)関西ケーズデンキ
  • (株)スタジオアリス
  • 東京シャツ(株)
  • 三起商行(株)
  • (株)チュチュアンナ
  • (株)ジーフット
  • ナビオコンピュータ(株)
  • (株)リバティ
  • (株)阪奈自動車教習所
  • (株)ユニソンプラネット
  • 日本オフィスシステム(株)
  • スターティア(株)
  • (株)スイタ情報システム
  • 米田会計事務所/アイオ(株)
  • (株)ゴールドウイン
  • 京阪セロファン(株)
  • (株)大新社
  • (株)Brillia