I like dogs and cats! I want to work for pets!

Overwhelming employment rate in the pet industry!
The deep relationship of trust with the industry proves that Osaka Business college technical strength is high.

Major Introduction

Learn the solid knowledge and care skills, affection, in order to become a professional who cares for pets and owners!

Pet shop course

Learn the knowledge and business skills to become a trusted professional!

Dog trainer course

To become a professional who brings out the abilities of dogs and develops the best partner for the owner!

Trimmer course

Become a professional who can maximize the charm of pets by refining their cute and clean technology!

Veterinary Nursing/Rehabilitation course

For animal nurses who have acquired a wide range of knowledge such as physical therapy and oriental medicine which are required at animal hospitals.

Features and points of the department


You can get the trimming W license for dogs and cats!

As a qualification name, the name groomer for dogs and trimmer for cats is used. It is a qualification to prove knowledge and skills such as basic knowledge of cats, beauty of cats, how to handle cats, ability to communicate with the owner.


Learn in an environment where dogs, cats and small animals are always in school.

Studying with animals, and you can take care of them always!


Learn grooming, health management and discipline in all courses!

You can learn a wide range of knowledge and technology required by the pet industry!


With abundant dogs and cats

You can study with many species of dogs and cats.

Prospective occupation

  • Pet salon staff
  • Animal Hospital
  • Discipline classroom staff
  • Dog kindergarten/nursery staff
  • Pet shop staff
  • Pet hotel staff
  • Pet company staff
  • Pet care facility staff

Employment results

  • (株)AHB
  • DoG CLOVeR
  • ゆうなぎ動物病院
  • 南大阪警察犬・愛犬訓練所
  • 犬のほいくえん Pee-Ka-Boo
  • ILIO one(株)
  • 認定NPO法人
  • 日本レスキュー協会
  • Door to Door(株)
  • ノアズアーク(株)
  • わんわん/ジャペル(株)
  • (株)アミーゴ
  • 甲賀すずき動物病院
  • うの動物病院
  • (株)イン・クローバー
  • Ocean Papa Land
  • Dog Salon IRIe
  • ペットランド ピースワン
  • 城東みなみ動物病院
  • P&LUXE
  • Wan Unity
  • 京洛警察犬訓練所
  • Salon de YU-TO
  • DOG SALON Fleur
  • ネクスト動物病院
  • ひごペットフレンドリー
  • (株)空港ドッグセンター
  • P2&Associates Inc.
  • Dog Style
  • 武庫川動物病院
  • ペットランドミクニ
  • 久野喜動物病院
  • (株)ケー・エー・シー
  • 京都ドッグスクール
  • スマイル動物病院
  • Century Pet
  • グリーンピース動物病院
  • ふくだ動物病院
  • 兵庫ペット医療センター
  • ペッツ・フォー・ライフ・ジャパン
  • K’s ドッグスクール
  • 愛知豊橋愛犬警察犬訓練所
  • NPO法人 日本ケアドッグ協会
  • ペット step