I like flowers! I want to make people happy!

You will learn the knowledge and skills of the European style, which is characterized by its natural atmosphere. You can acquire the skills of designing by using various flowers depending on the season and working intensively throughout the day.

Major Introduction

You will learn the basics of Japanese traditional art, flower arrangement, and take a class to acquire rich expressive power. You will also learn various skills that can be used in the flower industry.

Flower shop course

Acquire NFD certification level 3 that can be used in shop operations, as well as store operations (shop accounting & salesperson) and computer skills. You can efficiently acquire the essential power for shop management.

Flower design course

In addition to improving the modeling power required to work as a flower designer, the class centered on practical training. we will efficiently learn with the aim of acquiring the NFD certification second grade, which is advantageous for employment in the flower industry. We will also improve your business skills so that you can become more competitive.

Features and points of the department


Meet the flowers of each season!

Learn the total coordination of wedding decorations using seasonal flowers.


A wide range of arranging techniques can be used immediately!

Learn the arrangement technique of various genres such as preserved, artificial, indoor garden with fresh flowers!


Enrichment in acquisition of Flower Designer qualification!

Qualification pass rate of NFD 2nd which is an essential for a flower designer is 100%!

Prospective occupation

  • Flower designer
  • Bridal flower designer
  • Flower artist
  • Florist
  • Flower decorator
  • Flower classroom staff

Employment results

  • (株)日比谷花壇
  • (株)竹中庭園緑化 フローリストハンナ
  • (株)サトウ花店
  • (株)パーク・コーポレーション
  • 青山フラワーマーケット
  • (株)Bond bois de gui
  • (株)緑花苑
  • (株)フロリスト・メリー
  • (株)茨木春草園
  • (有)集花園
  • (株)アトリエルンル
  • (有)ブロッサム
  • (株)リベルテ
  • (株)テイクアンドギヴ・ニーズ
  • 第一園芸(株)
  • (株)ユニバーサル園芸社
  • 京阪園芸(株)
  • (株)ちきりやガーデン
  • (株)堂島花壇
  • 阪神園芸(株)
  • 花工房 From NZ
  • 花つれづれ
  • 華の館 Bloomist さわべ
  • ファンタジー
  • フラワーガーデン
  • フラワーショップアスカ花壇
  • フラワーショップ ミルフルール
  • フローリスト ローズグローブ
  • (株)フロリスト・コロナ
  • プンダミリア
  • (株)emiflower
  • (株)明日香園芸
  • (株)アルファフローリスト
  • アンティークブーケ
  • オクイ園芸(株)
  • オリエンタルフローリスト(株)
  • 花苑
  • クリエイティブフラワーコーポレーション(株)
  • (株)ゴトウ花店 ゴトウフローリスト
  • (株)三芳園/旬の花店 葉菜草
  • (株)二楽園
  • 二楽園綜合園芸(株)
  • (株)花市商店
  • 太閤園
  • 藤田観光工営(株)
  • (株)エスクリ
  • Studio Setter
  • (株)美咲
  • (株)銀花園