Work in your favorite fashion field

You can do from the presentation to real planning for your own brand so that your can open the shop with your items!
What kind of products do you handle and how do you sell them? Run a real shop and get ready to be a professional!

Major Introduction

Study subjects that can play an active role in the apparel industry and become a professional in the industry after graduation!

Fashion press course

You will acquire techniques for improving the image of the brand and transmitting information, as well as planning and production capabilities for utilizing media such as magazines and TV. In addition, you can aim to be a professional who can play an active role at the forefront of the industry by refining the presentation ability to accurately convey the brand concept and image.

Fashion produce course

In order to be active in the fashion industry as producers, buyers, and merchandisers, you will learn the flow from planning to sales products such as brand production, product planning, and product selection, as well as conducting research to read trends and polish the business sense of "It will be sold!" Develop the power as much as you can.

Fashion magazine course

Learn about fashion accessories, bags and shoes through a fashion magazine in order to acquire a wide variety of knowledge!

Fashion Advisor Course

"I want to buy something from this person!" "I want to meet this person at shop!" In addition to communication skills, product knowledge, and styling techniques that can be proposed including hair and makeup can be studied. In order to be thought that "I want to get in this store!", you will learn the ability to create displays and knowledge of sales flow.

Features and points of the department


Chance to go abroad for an induction course

Studying the latest cutting-edge fashion in overseas training and experiencing local meetings


To be a professional in the apparel industry

You can only learn the specialized 'Real business for fashion' at OBC!


Employment rate is 100%!

Get a job offer from a popular brand through job hunting!

Prospective occupation

  • Visual merchandiser
  • Fashion producer
  • Store manager
  • Area manager
  • Fashion Advisor Apparel Brand Press
  • Fashion writer
  • The editor
  • Miscellaneous goods sales staff
  • Shop manager

Employment results

  • (株)ビームスホールディングス
  • (株)ジョイックスコーポレーション
  • ディーゼルジャパン(株)
  • (株)ヨウジヤマモト
  • (株)インコントロ
  • (株)イッセイミヤケ
  • (株)アダストリア
  • (株)パル
  • (株)上野商会
  • (株)アーバンリサーチ
  • (株)ベイクルーズ
  • (株)ザラ・ジャパン
  • (株)トミーヒルフィガージャパン
  • (株)ユナイテッドアローズ
  • (株)ジャパンイマジネーション
  • (株)ジュン
  • (株)ウィゴー
  • (株)ジャヴァコーポレーション
  • (株)ストライプインターナショナル
  • (株)マッシュホールディングス
  • (株)ファイブフォックス
  • アッシュ・ペー・フランス(株)
  • (株)ローズバッド
  • (株)東京スタイル
  • (株)ナイスクラップ
  • (株)ライトオン
  • (株)アリシア
  • (株)ティンパンアレイ
  • (株)キャン
  • (株)玉屋
  • (株)ワールドストアパートナーズ
  • (株)シティーヒル
  • (株)アンビデックス
  • (株)オンワード樫山
  • (株)ジョンブル
  • ラルフローレン(株)
  • (株)ユニクロ
  • ギャップジャパン(株)
  • (株)ミキハウス
  • (株)ウェアーズ
  • (株)COQULE
  • (株)ヤングファッション研究所
  • (株)ノーリーズ
  • (株)ヌーヴ・エイ
  • (株)フランフラン
  • (株)ファッションクロス
  • マザーズインダストリー(株)
  • (株)ブルーメイト