Be a professional who can be active role in the progress sports industry!

In the sports department, with the goal of "Make your favorite sports as your job!" you will acquire a lot of skills necessary to be a professional in the sports industry under the instructor who plays an active part in companies such as professional sports teams, gyms, and sports makers.

Major Introduction

A step toward becoming a professional in the industry by acquiring business skills and techniques that can be used in the sports industry and knowledge of healthcare.

Sports business course

To be a professional who has acquired the brand production ability, management ability, and business skills that can be used in the sports industry.

Sports instructor course

Become an instructor who can acquire a comprehensive knowledge of physical and mental health care and can teach a wide range of sports skills from children to the elderly!

Sports trainer course

Being a sports trainer who can support rehabilitation techniques and nutritional aspects!

Features and points of the department


Practical lessons

You can take practical classes such as marketing and store management from the professional who handle various sports clubs!


Various internship program

A lot of Internship program with corporations has prepared. You can also learn the practical skills of event planning and federation.


Lectures from industry professionals

You can receive direct guidance from professionals who are directors of the Japan Fitness Association!


Employment rate is 100%!

Through the strong relationship with sports industry, employment rate is ended up reaching 100%!

Prospective occupation

  • Sports maker planning and sales staff
  • Sports shop manager
  • Sports shop staff
  • Directly managed store staff
  • Specialty store staff
  • Sports event staff
  • Operation staff
  • Personal trainer
  • Conditioning staff
  • Training staff
  • Personal trainer
  • Food meister

Employment results

  • (株)アールダッシュ※FC大阪マネジメント
  • アディダスジャパン(株)
  • (株)コロンビアスポーツウェアジャパン
  • (株)ゴールドウイン
  • プーマジャパン(株)
  • ゼビオ(株)
  • (株)メガスポーツ
  • (株)ICI石井スポーツ
  • (株)ビービースポーツ
  • 財団法人尼崎市スポーツ振興事業団
  • 兵庫開発(株)
  • ゴルフ場運営
  • (株)ウエルネスサプライ
  • ナイキジャパン
  • ミズノ(株)
  • ミラリジャパン(株)※オークリー
  • ロイヤルホスピタリティサービス(株)
  • (株)マック体操クラブ
  • (株)キタイスポーツクラブ
  • (株)サップス
  • アスロンジュニアスポーツクラブ(株)
  • (株)アクアティック
  • (株)タフリット
  • (株)東祥
  • (株)ティップネス
  • (株)フュービック
  • マックスポーツ(株)
  • ミズノスポーツサービス(株)
  • 財団法人尼崎市スポーツ振興事業団
  • (株)ザ・ビッグスポーツ
  • RIZAP(株)
  • ナカムラチャイルドスポーツ
  • ピンクチャイルド※ダンススクール
  • グンゼスポーツ(株)
  • アスリート(株)※クロスフィット
  • デサントジャッパン(株)
  • スポーツサクライ(株)※野球専門店
  • (株)ヒマラヤ
  • (株)スポーツタカハシ
  • (株)テクストトレーディングカンパニー※ナイキ商品販売