Classrooms reproduced the real shops

The Osaka Business College campus located in the center of Osaka city.
A training room equipped with the latest equipment,
You can acquire the practical skills at the classrooms where reproduced the real shops.


Service treatment practice room

Conditioning room

Sports training room

Practically learn effective display methods and product layouts at sports shops.

Mac room

Installed the latest version of Mac to hone the DTP skills needed to reach the mass communication industry. You can use this class for lectures as well as after school.

Fashion training room

A class to acquire the knowledge necessary for the fashion and apparel industry.

Pet shop in OBC

A classroom that realistically reproduces a pet shop. We will learn the expertise of products and how to use them, and develop the customer service skills that can meet the needs of customers.

Dog training room

Cat room

A facility for cats where OBC cats (school-raised cats) can relax. You can learn more about the ecology of cats and aim to get the ICC certification. Cat towers and toys are also available.