Make your favorite thing as a business!

As a business general school, you can acquire not only your specialized skills but also necessary knowledge and power in all fields.
A modern society where questioned the 'Working style', OBC instructs the 'Human power' to students.

Facilities introduction

A learning environment with "real" equipment.
The campus located in the center of Osaka city.
There is an environment that enables practical learning such as a training room equipped with the latest equipment and a classroom that resembles a real shop.

Current student, Graduated student

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Time schedule


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リテールマーケティング   ビジネス検定 必修選択授業 中小企業診断者(3)
中小企業診断士(経営学) リテールマーケティング キャリアプラニング1薄記会計(1) 担任ゼミ
日本の企業経営 中小企業診断士(2) コンピュータ演出  
    マーケティング(2) 薄記会計(2)  
強化授業・課外ゼミなど 強化授業・課外ゼミなど 強化授業・課外ゼミなど 強化授業・課外ゼミなど 強化授業・課外ゼミなど

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