Love is bound to lead the one's future

You like something so much that you forget about time, just step forward with that passion.
Nagoya Designer Gakuin is a technical school where you can use your passions for work.

It has been 51 years since it was founded, and it has been closely linked to the design industry.
The school is connected with comprehensive design education and the sister schools across the country.
The network of employment opportunities, connecting students and companies
Through new job opportunities and debut events,
we support you to be a professional.

Facilities introduction

Built up your skills at comprehensive facilities and equipment!
use the same production environment as the professional's

Current student, Graduated student

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Time schedule


  • 実習授業
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ポートフォリオ   ゲーム企画 CG基礎 3DCGA
デジタルイラスト デッサン 背景基礎(選択)クロッキー業界研究
専用教室利用可能(~20:00) 専用教室利用可能(~20:00) 専用教室利用可能(~20:00) 専用教室利用可能(~20:00)専用教室利用可能(~20:00)

Tution fee