「Likes」makes your future!

Your "Likes" make everyone happy.
To expression. To create. Hit all your energy.
It is conveyed to the viewer and the listener, vibrates the mind, and evokes emotion.
It is true that seize people's hearts is "Likes". KVA will do its best to back up you aiming for the industry.

Facilities introduction

The four sister schools of Adachi Gakuen have many interactions with other departments because the school buildings are integrated, and there are many fields where you can play an active part in the FA as well as your own!
The space for professionals is full of real equipment. If you are exposed to the real thing all the time, you will be able to develop the skills and consciousness that are accepted at the top level of the industry.
Let me introduce you to KVA's learning stage.

Current student, Graduated student

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Time schedule


  • 基本授業
  • 各実習室の使用可能
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コード基礎・演習 ソングライト 音楽制作実践 音楽ビジネスプロモーション 作・編曲・基礎・演習
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