Kyushu School of Business | IT Business Department

クォン マナク

From Republic of Korea.
Currently studying at Kyushu School of Business, IT Business Department.

Question 1. What impresses you in your school life?

The most impressive thing was the class. Before enrolling, I didn't have a sense about IT industry, but I was able to get to know the industry well through class.

Question 2. How was your class or curriculum?

There are plenty of opportunities to learn not only the detail of the industry, but also various computer languages. In addition, the teacher will teach you until you can understand the class.

Question 3. Was there a class or event that you thought was good?

That is programming class. Until now, I was thinking simply, but I could understand that there are many thoughts, not just one reason for an IT algorithm. I learned from the experience that it was difficult to grasp the logic of when it was established and when it was not formed, that there is no harm in trying it once and going through trial and error rather than giving up.

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