Acquire nursing skills to protect the lives and health of animals

As a veterinarian's assistant, your mission is to save as many animals as possible.
You can aim to be a human resource who can support animals promptly by studying animal diseases, treatment methods, and nursing know-how. In addition, we are fully prepared for the "certified veterinary nurse" examination.

Major Introduction

Veterinary nursing course

You can acquire the skills that can be used immediately at the veterinary hospital!

Trimmer & Veterinary nursing course

By learning the medical and trimming skills, you can become a reliable professional by pets owners!

Trainer & Veterinary nursing course

With the skills of training and knowledge of veterinary nursing which is widely used in the pet industry!

Features and points of the department


Curriculum for "Veterinary Nurse Unified Certification Exam"!

In order to take the unified veterinary exam, it is necessary to study at a vocational school that has introduced the “core curriculum”. KSB has introduced this curriculum, so you can take it after enrollment!


Practical training is conducted with small number of students

Under the guidance of experienced veterinarians and nurses, we will provide easy-to-understand lessons with detailed guidance for each students!


A rare curriculum that can be learned in the same environment as an animal hospital!


Abundant internship program!

You can find a suitable employment place by experiencing the atmosphere and the flow of work in the field!

Prospective occupation

  • Veterinary nurse
  • Pet care advisor
  • Police dog trainer
  • Home dog trainer
  • Trimmer
  • Pet shop staff
  • Guide dog trainer
  • Old dog care
  • Pet sitter

Employment results

  • イオンペット㈱
  • ㈱AHB(ペットプラス)
  • シュガー動物病院
  • たいすけ動物病院
  • ㈱ビースパ
  • ペットサロンワンワンランドYOU
  • 日本犬介護いぬのケアハウスシェリーFukuoka
  • ASAP動物病院
  • 小泉ネスト動物病院
  • ペットショップフレンドリー
  • わんちゃんハウスOKA
  • 坂田犬猫病院
  • ドッグリゾートCS
  • 長者原動物病院
  • のぐち動物クリニック
  • ㈱プライム福岡ドッグワン
  • さとう動物病院
  • 犬の美容室ENJU
  • とまと動物病院
  • ㈱DLDグループ
  • ライト動物病院
  • もりまつ動物病院
  • 特定非営利活動法人ピースウィンズ・ジャパン
  • ドッグサロンフェリーチェ
  • ドッグサロン犬とお散歩
  • 七隈どうぶつ病院
  • ひなた動物病院
  • アンディシマダドッグスクール
  • タイラ動物病院
  • 北九州夜間救急動物病院
  • 医生ヶ丘動物病院
  • グリーン動物病院
  • ペットランドあつまれ
  • 国分動物病院
  • 折尾動物病院