Become a professional of hospitality and tourism service!

Every year, Kyushu Institute of Tourism produces many students who are active as the top professional at companies in the industry.
In addition to certification and acquisition of qualifications, our school has “practical realism”, and we will foster human resources who are ready to work through classes directly related to work, with a wealth of practical training, and internships.


Kyushu Institute of Tourism (KIT)'s commitment to learning is particular about learning.
Through realistic practice and learning based on the real field, you can aim to become a professional in each specialized field.
You don't have to have any preliminary knowledge at first. Each department's education system ensures that you can acquire the basics one by one, and cultivates advanced expertise skills for your stages.

Facilities introduction

All facilities for professionals and students are full of real equipment.
If you are exposed to the real environment all the time, you will be able to develop the skills and consciousness that are accepted at the top level of the industry.

Tution fee