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Major Introduction

We develop professionals who can learn a wide range of matters of the fashion industry and work with a broad perspective.
The school values the connection with other industries and acquires practical skills through classes such as fashion photos and shows.

Fashion Design Major

Developing the ideas and sensibilities required for product planning, You will learn to make patterns and sew.

Fashion Business Major

Learn how to serve customers, have manners, and do coordination, and acquire knowledge and skills to provide fashion that meets the needs of consumers.

Features and points of the department


Costume offering and fashion shows

You can learn practical ways to interact with other industries, such as providing costumes and styling for fashion photography practice in the sister school photography school, collaborating with the music sound department.


Collaboration with companies

In 2019, we collaborated with Super Spins to open a pop-up shop! We even created and sold interior decorations, posters, as well as products.


Learn the relationship between design and business

Learn about various professions related to fashion to work actively in a wide range of fields in the fashion industry.


Obtain the ertification!

We have a preparation class for certification. If you wish, we will assist you for the test, even when the class doesn't offer such preparation of a specific certificate.

Prospective occupation

  • Sewing (Fashion Creator)
  • Fashion Designer
  • Stylist
  • Fashion Adviser
  • Press Advertising

Employment results

  • アンミックスエンタテインメント 株式会社
  • 株式会社タカラ
  • 株式会社リフォーム三光サービス
  • 株式会社ファイブフォックス
  • 株式会社エーツー
  • 株式会社三陽商会
  • 株式会社ギンガム(BEAMS)
  • 株式会社ウィゴー
  • 株式会社リンクイット
  • 株式会社ワールドストアパートナーズ
  • 株式会社シティーヒル
  • 株式会社イング
  • 株式会社アダストリア
  • 株式会社 ビーズインターナショナル
  • 株式会社iDA
  • 株式会社ユナイテッドアローズ
  • 株式会社サマンサタバサジャパンリミテッド
  • 株式会社イング
  • 西海岸
  • 株式会社マギークープ