A prestigious school with a 57 years-long history of design!

It is a prestigious technical school with its tradition and numerous achievements as a design school.

Facilities introduction

Four sister schools of Adachi Gakuen have a lot of interactions across departments because the school buildings are connected as one, there are many fields where you can work for a job and also as a freelancer!
The space for professional development is full of equipment. Engaging with the real equipment will help you develop skills and awareness that are necessary at the top of the industry.

Current student, Graduated student

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Time schedule


  • 基本授業
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
マンガテクニック基礎 色彩マンガ プロット制作技法基礎 マンガ人物デッサン基礎 マンガ演出技法基礎
マンガ制作基礎 マンガ背景基礎      


  • 基本授業
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
構成・演出 マンガ背景応用   読み切りマンガ実践A デジタルマンガ
SPI   読み切りマンガ実践B マンガデッサン応用  

Tution fee