To in charge of recruitment

Adachi Education Group operates 17 technical schools in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyushu, and 1Japanese language school. Of those, the 5 schools in Tokyo have the most students, with approx. 500 international students attending each year. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills in order to work in Japan or your home country, or proceed onto university, we offer a support system for both post-graduation employment and continuing education, so you can study with peace of mind.

In addition, the Adachi Gakuen Group utilizes its strengths as a general school and conducts many collaboration activities with students from sister schools and other department who have a diverse values.Through this activity, We are trying to develop human resources who have communication skills and problem-solving skills as well as specialized skills.

If you want to recruit human resources among the below departments, It would be really great if you give a chance to our school’s students.

List of installation

■ Tokyo Designer Gakuin, Osaka Designer College, Nagoya Designer Gakuin, Kyushu Designer Gakuin

Graphic design, Illust, Video, Manga, Fashion, Make-up, Product design, Interior, architecture etc.

■ Tokyo Visual Arts, Osaka Visual Arts, Nagoya Visual Arts, Kyushu Visual Arts

Photo, TV,Video, Movie, Special makeup, Editing, Sound, Music creating, Mass communication, Actor, Dance, Musician etc.

■ Tokyo Cool Japan

Game, E-sports, CG, Animation, Programming, Sound, Voice actor

■ Tokyo School of Business, Osaka Business college vocational school, Nagoya School of Business, Kyushu School of Business

Pet, IT, Management, Sports, Flower, Fashion, Office Business etc.

■ Tokyo Institute of Tourism, Osaka Institute of Tourism, Nagoya Institute of Tourism, Kyushu Institute of Tourism

Bridal, Hotel, Travel, Rail, Airline, Bartender, Café service, Foreign language communication, Funeral etc.

Adachi Education Group International Division