Personal information protection policy

Adachi Gakuen Group (hereinafter referred to as "Our Group") recognizes that proper protection of everyone's personal information is an important responsibility and we handle the personal information under the following policy to fulfill this responsibility.

  1. While complying with the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations, we treat it appropriately in accordance with the generally recognized fair and reasonable practices related to handling personal information.In addition, we are constantly reviewing the protection of personal information and improving the handling appropriately.
  2. We will clarify the regulations regarding the handling of personal information and thoroughly inform the faculty about it. We will also manage and supervise consignees, etc. so that they can properly handle personal information.
  3. When acquiring personal information, we will notify or announce the purpose of use and handle personal information according to the purpose of use.
  4. In order to prevent leakage, loss, falsification personal information, we will take necessary measures and manage it appropriately.
  5. Regarding the specific handling, personal information will be handled according to the contents announced as publicly disclosed items based on the Personal Information Protection Law.

The Name of Entity Handling Personal Information

Adachi Gakuen Group

  • Incorporated Eduacational Institution Adachi Gakuen
  • Tokyo Adachi Japanese Language school
  • Adachi Sogo Kikaku Joint-Stock Company

Establishment of Vocational and Japanese Language Schools

  • Vocational school Tokyo Designer Gakuin
  • Osaka Designer College
  • Vocational school Nagoya Designer Gakuin
  • Vocational school Kyushu Designer Gakuin
  • Vocational school Tokyo Visual arts
  • Osaka visual arts
  • Vocational school Nagoya Visual Arts
  • Vocational school Kyushu Visual Arts
  • Vocational school Vocational school Tokyo School of Business
  • Osaka Business college vocational school
  • Vocational school Nagoya School of Business
  • Vocational school Tokyo School of Business
  • Tokyo Institute of Tourism
  • Osaka Institute of Tourism
  • Nagoya Institute of Tourism
  • Kyushu Institute of Tourism
  • Vocational school Tokyo Cool Japan
  • Tokyo Adachi Japanese Language school

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Our group uses personal information for the following purposes in carrying out the vocational school education and Japanese language education projects (hereinafter referred to as "school projects").

  1. Sending/distributing materials/information about the school projects, public relations, recruiting activities, etc.
  2. Survey about the school business
  3. Applications and Admission Procedures (including Online Applications)
  4. Sending, brokering, and managing data such as insurance applications and loans to current studen
  5. Brokerage and management of companies handling textbook sales, etc.
  6. Support for career paths for current students
  7. Execution and management of school activities for other students
  8. Management of school related persons such as graduate list, alumni association list, donor list, etc., fellowship between school related parties, and fellowship between school related persons and school, or exchange.
  9. Confirmation and Responses to Various Inquiries
  10. Conducting and managing other academy works for enrolled students

Provision of Personal Information

Our group does not disclose or provide personal information to the third party without the first party's consent. However, this shall not be applied in the following cases:

  1. When our group entrusts all or part of the handling of personal information to the third party to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of utilization
  2. The case in which personal information is provided upon succession of business by merger or other processes
  3. The cases in which it is necessary for a national organization, a local government, or a person entrusted thereto to cooperate with the execution of the affairs prescribed by the laws and regulations, and where obtaining the first person's consent is likely to hinder the execution of the affairs
  4. The case in which it is deemed necessary to protect the life, body, property and other rights and interests of the person, guardian, or guarantor
  5. Other cases permitted by the laws and regulations, etc.

Joint Management

Personal information is basically managed by the individual organization, but for the comprehensive management of our group, we may manage it jointly within our group to the extent necessary for achieving the aforementioned purpose of utilization.

Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of the Use of Personal Information, Destination for Complaints Filed, etc.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of the use of personal information, and filing of complaints is handled in accordance with the prescribed method of our group. We would inform you about the procedure on a personal basis, so please contact the desk mentioned below.

Notes (Other)

Our group reserves the right to change this privacy policy without the first person's consent if the group deems it necessary. When changing this privacy policy, the time of implementation and revised contents of it shall be notified by posting on each website of our group or by other appropriate means.

If you have any questions regarding the handling of your personal information, please contact us at:

Adachi Education Group Contact Desk


Established on 1st of April 2005
Revised on 20th of November 2018
Revised on 1st of September 2020

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